This 1979 Limited Edition Bradley GT ELECTRIC Car was owned by my former mother-in-law. She purchased the vehicle in 1979 fully assembled from a manufacturer somewhere in the Lockport NY region. The vehicle was driven 9 miles from the manufacturer to her home where it sat parked in a garage until her death in September 1999. The vehicle was passed down to my estranged husband and I. The original batteries are still inside the vehicle. It was moved via tow truck to several different storage units over the years. Damage was done to the front light panel during one of these transports. It retains all of its original parts and it’s original 9 miles odometer reading. The tires are now dry rotted. The key to the ignition has been lost and there has been some damage to the interior by field mice that occurred at it’s final location. The fiberglass body has some cracking from sun exposure. It has a small rust spot on the top of the rear vent. It came with a set of two structural plans inside a box that had a picture of Burt Reynolds on the cover getting into the vehicle. The box has since been destroyed by water damage. However the structural plans are still in tact and will be sold with the vehicle. I was told by my husband who had been present during the purchase of this vehicle that there were only three of these prototypes made in the year 1979. One of which was considered for use in the “Cannonball Run” movie. Do not confuse this vehicle with the ones made in 1980. A google search indicates that 50 such electric cars were made in that year and that the company that manufactured these vehicles went bankrupt in 1981. Again this was the prototype for those vehicles. I was unable to get a true photo of the seagull wing doors fully open because of the location it is currently parked in. All the rest of the photos I took myself and are a true and accurate representation of the vehicle. I am told no titles from the DMV were given during the year 1979. If you purchase this vehicle you can register it with the DMV as a home built kit car with a Volkswagon body. This Bradley GT Electric Car is not currently in driving condition but with a little elbow grease is an affordable and sporty model to get you started in your very own electric car plus you have the added bonus of its unique history.

Byron, New York, United States