Aluminum body construction (last year for the aluminum), 850cc flat air-cooled, two-cylinder engine 42HP, Four-speed column-mounted manual transmission, Light blue exterior with blue and white interior, Front-wheel drive and four-wheel drum brakes, Center-mounted fog-light, Previously part of the famous Blackhawk Collection , Rare US Market car distributed by French Motors in LA California. The car’s aluminum bodywork is solid and straight, the trunk is in good order with a full-sized spare tire, the engine bay is tidy and the bumpers fit well to the car’s body overall. The car’s paint and trim are in overall very good order. The windows are clear and crack-free while the lights, including the center-mounted fog light, are haze-free and in one piece. This car rides on Michelin 145R40 tires surrounding 16-inch steel wheels with full moon wheel covers.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States