It’s a 2008 ssang young Acton sport brand new 0 miles rolling truck no transmission and no motor. This truck was broth in to the US by phonex motor back in 2007 or so along with a other 200 to be converted to full electric truck. When they were ready to put the project together from my understanding it was old technology so the project when under and they sold all 200 truck to pay of there loads, or so I been told. These truck were bought from the manufacturer with no drive train. It has completely interior, the wiring harnesses, Radiator, condenser, intercooler since in Korea they are diesel trucks. I been told that they use a Mercedes Benz drivetrain 4 cylinder diesel. It has never been title so it comes with no title only bill of sales, and a property number. And b/l form. My plans was to put a turbo engine and get it tilted since it is a unique truck never seen and it is practically brand new even the seats and carpet are cover from factory. Truck is 15ft long, 5ft 6in wide, bed is 4ft 6in long, and the cab is 7ft long.Like I said before,it only comes with a bill of sale no title it has never been registered or title in any country.

Moreno Valley, California, United States