Nice old three wheeler. I pulled the pull chord starter off and had Honda install a new pull chord onto the real. Its ready to put that back on the trike.

Not sure of the exact model, I think its called a Honda ATC 250 but I’m not positive. I think its the predecessor to the Big Red.

I own this about two years, bought it from a friend, I never got to use it, but, I did start it up and drive it for a minute then I put it away.

It was bogging out a little so I had a mechanic remove the carburetor and clean it out and re-install it, then he ran the bike and it ran great, sat there idling for about 15 minutes. He rode it around in a circle in the driveway.

Selling this as/is, take it away and do as you please, but understand, there are no warrantees of any sort.

Left rear tire holds air for about a week or two, looses air slowly.

Location: Locust Valley, New York, United States

Seller: havesomefun123

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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