1980 Commuter Vehicles Comuta-Car. The big brother of the Citicar, Commuter Vehicles purchased the CitiCar design from Vanguard Sebring and released the upgraded Comuta-Car in 1979. About 2,100 of these bad boys were produced (and around 2,300 CitiCars).

This Comuta-Car has made a few trips down the road, but is currently in need of new brakes and has been sitting the past year. New batteries were purchased for it some 4-5 years ago, but the last two years have been sitting. They likely have degraded, but I’m sure will still hold a charge and get you a few miles. From the looks of it they’ve gotten a little dirty from sitting. Some minor re-wiring has to be done to accommodate these batteries as the previous batteries in the car were configured slightly different. The brakes are quite unique to this car. Some people have made the conversion to Club Car brakes, but there’s a gentleman down south who can re-sleeve and restore the current brakes.

The car itself is in good condition. No repairs or ABS work (what the body is made of). Some staining, discoloration, and dents/imperfections. Top guard is peeling slightly. I don’t believe there are any cracks, but there may be a few tiny ones I haven’t noticed. Definitely no major damage.

The car runs off the old contact controller system, but the sale does include a more modern Alltrax controller for smooth acceleration. A Pot Box is also included. I never got these hooked up correctly, so it still runs off the old system.

Grand Haven, Michigan, United States