Like a spaceship the hum of the hydraulics slowly raise the entire roof of this car up & forward to get in and out, by remote control (yup no lambo doors, or gull-wing… the top of the car lifts up there is nothing else like it!!!) Climb in and lower the top you feel like a jet-fighter canopy is closing over a cockpit and your ready to takeoff.  Tired of low ceilings in Corvettes, Lamborghini, Ferrari or other low seated sports cars? Not to worry, This vehicle comes with a removable targa-top that can be stored over the engine bay so let the hair fly back. 1835 CC High Performance Engine !!! STRAIGHT 3″ HEADER EXHAUST!!! … Sounds and rumbles like a Harley or Deep Idle V8. (listen to video) POWER – The weight to torque ratio is wild, front end lifts slightly when you floor it and backtires spin-wheels not only 1st gear but also 2nd, maybe third if your fast on the clutch… and its a 4 cylinder, the car weighs little to nothing and the engine sits over the rear wheels giving you the weight on the back tires – I’ve beat new Vettes and Dodge Challengers of the light, Its a fast shift on this 4-speed manual. Custom Re-designed by a well known Local Hollywood RockStar (not me,lol but I’ll release that to the buyer later) so the car was customized with the sole-intention to make a huge entrance this vehicle has been stripped down and pimped-out. The Sterling Kitcar is very rare. Produced in the late 60’s & 70’s and discontinued in early 1980’s placed on VW SuperBeetle Frame (However this one is unique it also has Corvette StingRay/GM front steering and ignition components).  Since then very few are still on the road (from my research, and hunting I haven’t seen another in California & will guess less then 500 still exist in the world even fewer running with working hydraulic top.  THIS CAR IS A COLLECTORS ITEM no one knows what it is, and due to this people will be drawn to it to find out… even at car shows with Lambo’s & Vintage cars in the midst, this mystery machine draws more crowds for photos!!!  Most think its a Ferrari, Pantera, Bricklin GT or a Custom Corvette.  This car was featured in a film called DEATH RACE 2000.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1973 Sterling Replica (Affiliate link)

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States