Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our very cool 1959 Falcon Shells Caribbean! This impressive British kit from 1959 is super rare. Guaranteed, your buddies don’t have one! What a great winter project. Let’s check it out!


This “best selling” Mark III / Caribbean model sold some 2000 units over a 6 year period. As they were often raced, many did not survive. Aside from the mortality rate, this never completed, shell rides on rare Ballamy wheels, sports a custom Ballamy front suspension and a rare Elva IOE cylinder head. She was on the way to being a serious vintage racer. And still can be. Or should you build it for the street?

“New”, unpainted white Gelcoat. The body can be easily removed from the Austin chassis. It has not been cut, drilled or fitted.

Wheels, Tires
Rare narrow Ballamy wheels

Ford 1172 cc side valve
Elva racing head with IOE conversion
Twin Stromberg carbs
Aquaplane performance covers and accessories
Custom matched rear end gear ratio
Gorgeous under the bonnet presentation

Manual transmission Close ratio transmission gearing

Odometer VIN
There is no odometer or VIN yet. The car will be sold as parts.

Location: Stanton, California, United States

Seller: drivenco

Price: $7,900 <- check here if it's still available

More info: Full listing and Contact details
Originally listed on January 27, 2021. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.