This 1959 Austin Healey was owned by a woman who parked the car in her garage where it sat in dry storage for over 30 years. The photos show the car when it was located and towed home. Minimal efforts resulted in the car starting, showing good oil pressure, and running on an external fuel source.

After a day of detailing and general cleanup, the car looks surprisingly good and has several strengths as a “survivor.” The car was reportedly repainted once and while the paint looks quite nice, there are several minor defects on the exterior that can be seen in the detailed photos in the listing. The Bugeye is generally complete including particularly good condition side windows, a top and original frame, along with a tonneau cover. A summary of some of the cars strengths and “opportunity areas” are listed below:


  • Driven into dry storage 30+ years ago and owned by an elderly woman until it was rescued.
  • Clean title with numbers matching on frame and correct for a 1961 AH Bugeye.
  • Body is very straight with only minimal exterior rust bubbles.
  • Bonnet and rear panel that are often badly dented are free from damage.
  • Good door panel fit / operation.
  • Bonnet fits well with characteristic gaps for the era.
  • -Excellent damage free front framer horns.
  • Damage free windshield & frame
  • Very good brightwork free from rust including rear bumperettes, grill and trim.
  • Interior is largely complete with correct gauges, some original switches, seats and trim.
  • Serviceable carpeting including the rear area behind the seats.
  • Engine runs on external fuel source with 50+ lbs.oil pressure.
  • New tires, original AH hubcaps and added trim rings.
  • Convertible top, tonneau, top bows and excellent side windows included.
  • An excellent starting point and attractively priced Bugeye project car for street, race, custom, etc.


  • Will require mechanical attention to hydraulics, brakes, fuel system, etc. but engine appears good and there is no reason to believe the transmission and rear end are not good as car was driven into storage.
  • Rolls and steers for transport.
  • Some repairs have been made to floors using steel panels, but undercarriage will require some rust repair.
  • Engine compartment will require major clean-up/ detailing.
  • Difficult to tell if engine is original as number is removed indicating that it was rebuilt and the number was damaged during the boiling/rebuilding process.

While the car will require either a complete restoration or could be used/driven as is as a “Survivor,” in any event, it will require mechanical attention. The engine runs and there is every reason to believe the transmission, rear end and major components are good when it was driven into storage 30+ years ago. The car rolls freely and steers. The Bugeye It has a reported 55K~ miles that based on the age of the car cannot be documented. In any event, it will need mechanical attention including work to the fuel system, brakes, and hydraulics.

When it was taken out of storage, new tires were put on the car, oil and filter were changed. The car is largely complete including an older top and tonneau cover, functional top frame, hubcaps, original gauges, and most important, body panels that do not show any major current or previous damage.

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