1952 White 3000 COE Cabover Truck: NO Rust, Runs, Kustom RAT ROD Gasser HAULER?

Neat old classic coe truck. These trucks look awesome fixed up and are nice to use for haulers, ramp trucks, or rollbacks. They also look nice when made into a pickup. There are lots of pics online of white coe trucks to get ideas for a build. I’ll include a couple pics on here too. The truck has a clear title and it matches the VIN on the tag. Below are all the details. Feel free to ask questions. Let me know if you want to do something early on it. Thanks for looking.


This truck has the original flathead inline six cylinder. I know many buyers will probably use a more modern drivetrain for your build, but the motor does run nice. I believe this is a 368 cubic inch. I ran it and have a video. I just rigged it up to run long enough for the video, but it is not driveable. The motor ran nice and smooth and does not smoke. The shift linkage is stuck somewhere between the shifter and the transmission, but it is in neutral. I never tried to find out where the shift linkage needs freed up. It’s a manual transmission and also has two speed rear axle. I do have the other rear tire/wheels if you want them. The electric cab tilt does work. The switch to use it does need rebuilt but the down works as it should, and the up works but you need to use a screwdriver because the switch needs work. I’ll explain how to use it to the buyer. The brakes don’t work. The brake and clutch pedals are not pictured but included. The truck rolls and steers and the parking brake works well for loading/shipping.


These trucks have very little upholstery when new. The seat needs rebuilt or replaced. The dash and gauge area isn’t cutup. This has a rear xcab type shelf behind the driver. It could easily be converted into a small sleeper or xcab area. The access doors on the side are why the area in the cab is high with a small shelf. The access doors aren’t really needed if you tilt the cab up. There is really no other upholstery.


The body on the truck is straight for the most part, and has no rust-through. It had some when I got it, but I had it repaired with metal that is properly butt-welded in. You can see the repaired cab-corners in the pics. The welds need to be ground off and some light finish work but this cab will be pretty easy to prep for paint. The cab tilts up/down like it should. The doors open/close but the passenger side only opens from the inside so it needs a little attention. The door glass and windshield need replaced. This is all flat and easy/cheap to get replaced. The windshield is real bad, and it is only still in the truck so you can use it for a template. It was out and now taped in so the inside wouldn’t get wet during transport. The truck has no filler that I see and I’ve been all over it. I have pics of the cab tilted and you can see all the underside of the cab. I have other pics I can send also, as only 24 fit on here.

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